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Thermo Flow

Thermo Flow is an electric boiler without a built-in water heater or a heat exchanger for hot water. It can be used for all kinds of heating, a common area of ​​use is water-borne underfloor heating.

Thermo Flow is a wall-mounted electric boiler with an output of 11 kW. The boiler is, just like Elomin III, "climate-controlled", which means that the temperature outside controls how much heat the boiler emits. When there is no need for heating, the boiler switches off automatically. The circulation pump is exercised at regular intervals during the summer months so as not to jam when autumn comes. Thermo Flow has frost protection and a room thermostat is available as an accessory. The bypass valve extends the life of the boiler and provides safe operation.

Thermo Flow is delivered complete. Only water and electricity need to be connected, then the system is ready for use.

The load monitor in seven steps protects the house's main fuses. The function temporarily limits the boiler's power when, for example, a washing machine, dryer, or stove is in operation at the same time as the boiler.



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