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    Värmebaronen has the market's widest range of electric heating for industry & real estate.


Electric boilers for all uses

Värmebaronen has the market's widest range of electric heating. Everything from an immersion heater of 1.5 kW up to the largest electric boiler of 1500 kW. Interconnectable up to basically infinity. Voltage options 230-690 V. Temperatures up to 150 ° C.

The power of the boilers is divided into 7, 15, or 30 steps. The temperature control adapts the power connection to the heat demand. When the boiler is used together with a heat pump, it is an advantage with many steps as the boiler can go in with a smaller power to support. In a process, it may be more appropriate with fewer steps so that the boiler enters directly with a greater effect. The control range of the boilers is 20- 95 ° C and they can be limited in power down to one power stage.


Our electric boilers can meet the most common electrical systems and can be adapted for 230-690V supply voltage. In this way, no investment in an external transformer is required.


In the standard version, the control range is 20-95 ° C, but in plants with higher requirements for the medium temperature, we can supply electric boilers with a control range up to 150 ° C.


Normally, 6-bar system pressure (standard version) is sufficient, but with our electric boilers adapted for heating via heat exchangers, our solutions can be used in systems with system pressure up to 40 bar.


With a power range ranging from 1.5kW to 1500kW, we cover all types of facilities from the individual villa to the larger industrial and real estate facilities.

District heating

We have extensive experience in district heating, which has taught us how to handle high demands regarding varying water quality as well as high temperatures and system pressures. With our adapted heating solutions, our boilers live in a completely separate system circuit, which guarantees long and trouble-free operation.     

Frequency control

We are increasingly becoming involved in projects that require rapid entry and exit of the electric boiler's power to balance the power grid. With our SSR (Solid State Relay) electric boiler series, power frying takes place in a fraction of a second, which is a requirement from the system owners. Quick-regulating electric boilers are also used in climate chambers etc. where the systems require a quick response.  

High temperature

The HT series consists of hot water boilers that are delivered with fully assembled and certified safety equipment. Industrial processes with system temperature requirements <150 ° C are not uncommon and here our adapted high-temperature boiler comes in handy.      


Freshwater plants are at risk of growing legionella bacteria if the liquid temperature is too low. With our electric boilers equipped with a complete dimensioned heat exchanger package, the temperature can be raised sufficiently to kill legionella bacteria. Since the electric boiler via the plate heat exchanger is technically separated from the rest of the system, this solution can also be used for heating corrosive liquids and connected to heating systems with requirements for high system pressures.   


For larger power requirements, several boilers can be connected, in series up to 3 MW and parallel up to 15 MW. This creates an extremely reliable heating package, which provides heat even during repair and service.


The EP series is easy to install. All pipe connections are threaded or flanged. This results in cheaper valves and fewer pipe welds. The boiler is also easier to disconnect. Rough connections also require smaller circulation pumps.

Zero flow

Our boilers can withstand zero flow. We can optionally deliver factory-fitted safety equipment without steam collectors, level sensors, twin pumps, and flow monitors. As the equipment meets current requirements, no special inspection of it is required. The simple installation means that costs for work and design are drastically reduced.


Built-in level monitor alarms immediately if the boiler is not completely filled with water, which eliminates the risk of the boiler being damaged by dry cooking.
An earth fault meter provides a clear indication of any faults in the immersion heaters so that faults can be rectified quickly without unplanned downtime.
The control's many functions provide the opportunity to obtain information such as temperature, alarm, and power in operation. The boiler can easily be controlled externally by a heat pump, ModBus, or data center.
The safety switch cuts off all incoming power if any fault is detected by the boiler control. Built-in level monitor alarms immediately if the boiler is not completely filled with water, which eliminates the risk of the boiler being damaged by dry boiling.

EP series

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