EK 15 E

Electric cassette - 7 steps

EK 15 E

An electric cassette is a practical and cost-effective solution when the heat pump is not enough.

The electric cassette is basically an immersion heater mounted in a water tank or an electric boiler without a water heater. The electrical cassette is easy to connect to, for example, a heat pump via an expansion line and a docking outlet or drain tap. To ensure water circulation, a circulation pump must be installed.

Electric cassette 15 kW divided into 7 steps, controlled by an electronic thermostat. Can be controlled by a heat pump or by another external signal 0-10 V. EK 15 E has a load monitor in 7 steps that protect the house's main fuses.

For greater power requirements than 15 kW, there is a wide range of electric boilers, see electric boilers for Industry & Property.



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