• Our history

For almost 50 years, we've been heating up Sweden

And there is nothing we want to stop with. We at Värmebaronen believe that it is the pursuit of something even better that keeps us going. "If we just .." or "How can we .." are questions we must never stop asking. Because if we ask these questions, they give us the opportunity to manufacture heat sources that people around the world choose.

Why us

Market demands and needs are constantly increasing. It is about being able to continue to produce and develop products for a sustainable society. It is important that we can compete with low-priced products, developed from low-cost countries, without compromising on quality. Therefore, we invest in the latest technologies to be able to maintain cost-effective production on the international as well as on the Swedish market.

Our history

No society is complete and no matter how well prepared we are, it will be difficult if we do not dare to rethink. That is exactly what Berth Nilsson from Österlöv, north of Kristianstad, did in the 1970s - in the middle of the burning oil crisis. Berth was convinced that he would make changes in the energy industry. Then he started Österslövs El at home in the garage, which has grown into the family company Värmebaronen as we know it today. Now, 50 years later, the strong family business still stands and has been awarded prizes for both sustainable product development and growth and profitability.

“For me, it was important to think outside the box. That's the best thing I ever did ” - Berth Nilsson

  • Not the biggest - but the best

    Our philosophy is not to be the biggest on the market - but instead to strive to be the best. This has permeated the corporate culture and Värmebaronen has been awarded prizes for our efforts to develop and manufacture environmentally friendly products. In addition, we have received Dagens Industri's gazelle award for our good growth and profitability.

    Värmebaronen i Österslöv