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Ecodesign and energy labeling

From 26 September 2015, ecodesign and energy labeling requirements apply to gas, oil, electric boilers, and heat pumps for water-borne central heating systems.

The Ecodesign Directive aims to improve the environmental performance of products throughout the life cycle. While the Energy Labeling requirements include noise level and power, which must be stated on the energy labeling label affixed to all products covered by the requirements.

The classes cover from A +++ which is the most efficient class, to G which has the least efficiency.

The ecodesign requirements and the energy labeling requirements are expected to save 528 TWh of primary energy annually within the EU from 2020. This corresponds to approximately 110 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and an annual reduction in emissions of nitrogen oxides of approximately 270 kilotons of SOx equivalents.

The energy label also makes it easier for you as a consumer to see the product's efficiency when you compare them. 

This information is taken from the Swedish energy authority.

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