VLT - The world's largest telescope in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

On the mountain Cerro Paranal, a height of 2,600 m above sea level located in the Atacama desert, the researchers have optimal conditions for astronomical observations. Therefore, in a European collaboration, four interconnected telescopes were placed here. Together, they function as a single giant telescope with a resolution equivalent to being able to distinguish a mosquito in Lapland from Stockholm.

In a place like Paranal, great demands are placed on reliability to participate in the project, as well as a heating solution that is not based on the combustion principle, because visibility would then deteriorate. ESO, which operates the facility, therefore chose Värmebaronen's EP 98 NG, a 98kW electric boiler, for heating the buildings.


In March 1999, the world's largest telescope, the VLT, was inaugurated in Chile.

vlt inne

Source: Roland Bacon/ESO