Monumental Building - The Hague

The electric boilers from Värmebaronen played a crucial role in this special project. Four of our EP 150 kW-boilers were installed to increase the supply temperature of the heat pumps and thus keep the monumental building warm, even during the most extreme cold periods. It is worth noting that these boilers not only provide heating, but also act as reliable back-up systems, adding extra high reliability to the sustainable system.

The project leader explains why the choice of the electric boilers from Värmebaronen fits perfectly within this project: "In this specific case, the E-boilers help to increase the supply temperature of the heat pumps from 65 to 75 degrees. Because the E-boilers switch independently to a desired temperature, the full electrical capacity has never been taken off at once. In addition, it is a nice idea that the E-boilers can also function as a back-up if a heat pump ever fails. For example, a bit of redundancy has been added to the sustainable system."



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