Several thousand tonnes of grain drying with the help of electricity for KLF

Through the transition from grain drying with oil operation to drying with electric boilers, energy costs were reduced in the first season by SEK 400,000.

With electric boilers, you get minimal annual maintenance and even drying temperature, which contributes to the cost reduction. The choice fell on electric boilers as oil operation is too expensive and drying with biofuel entails extra staff for operation and maintenance during the drying period, 4-6 weeks every summer. The local district heating plant is not able to supply the process with a sufficient amount of energy and maintain the desired medium temperature, approx. 100 ° C. KLF's board therefore decided to invest in a substation to be able to buy high voltage, 12000 volts, at low cost, which is then transformed down to 690V operating voltage.


The boiler series with 6 EP 750 /690 V.

Tommt nilsson

"When we sum up the drying season in 2013, we can state that the choice to replace the oil boiler with drying with electric boiler operation saved us both time in reduced maintenance work but also greatly reduced the energy cost".
Tommy Nilsson/site manager KLF Rödaled in 2013