Royal FloraHolland

There is a power station on the FloraHolland grounds that supplies companies with both heat and cooling. This power plant uses various innovative technologies, including heat pumps, combined heat and power (CHP), dry coolers and electric boilers. This unique combination enables the facility to take full advantage of fluctuations in energy prices.

The electric boilers from Värmebaronen stand by as a backup and rapid heat source, optimizing energy consumption during periods of low electricity costs. All this generated heat finds a destination outside the building, stored in a considerable buffer. The choice of two EP 450 TL kW electric boilers from Värmebaronen guarantees redundancy, an essential aspect of this progressive project. When the CHP is in operation, excess electricity can also be used to generate additional heat via the electric boilers.


This integrated system not only demonstrates sustainability, but also emphasizes Royal FloraHolland's smart approach to navigating fluctuations in energy prices. It is a testament to their commitment to innovative, practical and economically sensible solutions that have a positive impact while ensuring operational excellence.