back-up for heatpump

Lalandia - Sustainable bathing experience with innovative heating center

Since 2015, efforts have been made to get the green light for the establishment of a new holiday center in Søndervig. The final project approval came in February 2020, when the leisure park and the detailed plan for the area were approved.

In short, the heat in an existing drinking water pipe is used to heat the whole of Lalandia. This means a completely new sustainable form of heating – and the guests at Lalandia thus get a "sustainable bathing experience".

The new system uses the energy from the drinking water pipeline that runs from Ringkøbing to Hvide Sande and Holmsland Klit, so that the drinking water heats the whole of the new Lalandia.

The drinking water is cooled down to about 3ºC, and the energy thus extracted is used by the heat pump to heat the water to about 65ºC, which is then used to cover the heating needs at Lalandia. At peak loads, the heat is supplemented from 2 accumulation tanks, a natural gas boiler and an electric boiler system from Värmebaronen.

The electric boiler system consists of two 450 kW low-voltage boilers and acts as a back-up to the heat pump system. The electric boilers have a high degree of efficiency and contribute with flexibility, reliability and low maintenance costs.


Two pieces of EP 450, stand as back-up to the heat pump.


Electric heat pump systems of 1.1 MW.