Corvett - HMS Visby

The Visby class or Korvett type Visby is a series comprising five corvettes designed by the Swedish Armed Forces Materielverk, FMV.

The ships are manufactured by Kockums AB in Karlskrona and have stealth properties. They are designed to be able to complete many different types of tasks. The hulls of the 600-tonne ships are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic laminate instead of steel. The ships also lack conventional propellers and instead use water jet units powered by a combination machinery consisting of both diesel engines and gas turbines. The electric boiler EP 42 Marin from Värmebaronen, which has a total output of 42kW divided into seven output stages, is only in operation in combat situations and then has the task of heating the ship as well as its domestic hot water.


Corvettes type VISBY are equipped with stainless, modified EP 42 which, among other things, must handle 6 G.


The first ship in the series was launched on 8 June 2000 and on 16 December 2009 the first two ships were delivered to the Navy. Since then, another one has been delivered on 18 December 2013.