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    Värmebaronen has the broadest range of electric heating products on the market. Everything from a 1.5 kW immersion heater to the largest electric boiler with an output of 1500 kW.

  • Customised electric boilers | OEM

    Värmebaronen OEM manufactures products, customized to our customers’ needs. This may be a series of electric boilers as part of complete system delivery or a single boiler for a specific industrial process.

  • VLT - The world's largest telescope in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

    EP 150, EP 135, EP 119, EP 84 and EP 67

    In March 1999, the world's largest telescope, the VLT, was inaugurated in Chile. On Mount Cerro Paranal, at 2,600 m above sea level located in the Atacama Desert, scientists have optimal conditions for astronomical observations. Therefore, in a European collaboration, four interconnected telescopes were placed here. Together, they function as a single giant telescope with a resolution that corresponds to the fact that a mosquito in Lapland could be distinguished from Stockholm.

    In a place like Paranal, great demands are placed on reliability to participate in the project. ESO, which operates the plant, chose Värmebaronen EP for its heating needs.


  • Several thousand tonnes of grain drying with the help of electricity for KLF

    EP 750/690V

    KLF - Kristianstadortens Lagerhusförening

    Through the transition from grain drying with oil operation to drying with electric boilers, energy costs were reduced in the first season by SEK 400,000.

    With electric boilers, you get minimal annual maintenance and even drying temperature, which contributes to the cost reduction. The choice fell on electric boilers as oil operation is too expensive and drying with biofuel entails extra staff for operation and maintenance during the drying period, 4-6 weeks every summer. The local district heating plant is not able to supply the process with a sufficient amount of energy and maintain the desired medium temperature, approx. 100 ° C. KLF's board, therefore, decided to invest in a substation to be able to buy high voltage, 12000 volts, at low cost, which is then transformed down to 690V operating voltage.



  • Corvett - HMS Visby

    EP 42 stainless 42kW

    Visby class or Corvette type Visby is a series comprising five corvettes designed by the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, FMV.

    The vessels are manufactured by Kockums AB in Karlskrona and have stealth properties. They are designed to perform many different types of tasks. The hulls of the 600-tonne vessels are made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic laminate instead of steel. The vessels also lack conventional propellers and instead use water jet units that are powered by a combination of machinery consisting of both diesel engines and gas turbines. The first vessel in the series was launched on June 8, 2000, and on December 16, 2009, the first two vessels were delivered to the Navy. Since then, another one has been delivered on December 18, 2013.


  • Bäckaskog Castle

    EP 52

    Bäckaskog Castle in northeastern Skåne is best known as Karl XV's summer castle.

    With ancestry from the 13th century, the castle has been a monastery, the grant, and the top residence for the southern Skåne cavalry before it became a royal summer residence. Nowadays, the castle and its rose garden are open to the public with hotels, restaurants, and conference rooms. For a few years now, ground source heat pumps with an electric boiler as a backup to heat the castle and annex.


    Bäckaskog slott
  • DE-ICING - Winter maintenance of trains

    EP 70 With changers

    Effective fully automatic de-icing systems. De-icing is a patented solution to remove snow and ice effectively. With an electric boiler, environmentally friendly and biodegradable propylene glycol is heated via a flat heat exchanger in a closed system. After de-icing, a thin film is left on the undercarriage to prevent freezing. The system is extremely energy-efficient and enables a quick service of the train.


    Casey tucker unsplash
  • Dam hatches - Timsfors


    The power station in Timsfors Markaryd has electric boilers to protect the dam hatches. Each electric boiler has the effect of 11kW and comes complete with built-in expansion vessels, safety equipment, and a circulation pump that pumps a warm glycol mixture in stainless steel pipes that are welded on the folds on the respective dam hatch. The total power requirement amounts to 77kW spread over 7 pieces of electric boilers of the model Thermoflow.


  • Wave pool - Skara Sommarland

    EP 255

    Skara Summerland's wave pool with 60 meters shoreline and capacity for up to 700 bathers.

    Since chlorinated pool water is an aggressive media, a flat heat exchanger in titanium has been mounted to protect the fluid -famous parts of the electric boilers. The heating system ensures that the water maintains about 35 ° C, which allows visitors to enjoy a comfortable bathing temperature throughout the season.


    Skara sommarland

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