Solar Panels K2 Värmebaronen


An investment that will provide heat for many years

As soon as you start to feel the warmth of the sun in the spring and until late in the autumn, the solar panels can efficiently heat your hot water and your house. The solar panels also supply additional energy in the winter. During the summer half of the year, the solar panels are able to meet all of your house’s heating and hot water needs. Your living costs are really low and you are protecting the environment.

High quality saves money

Solar panels are always profitable but it takes a few years to recoup your investment. So it is important for the solar panels to be of the very best quality. Värmebaronen’s Swedish-made solar heating systems have a very long service life, so they save a lot of money. A wide range of accessories makes it possible to connect K2 solar panels to nearly all types of boiler and heat pump.

Many areas of application

You can use solar heating in many different ways. The most common is to let the solar panels produce hot water during the summer half of the year. You also get heat in addition to that provided by the primary heat source, which may be wood, pellets or a heat pump, for example. Many people use solar panels to heat their swimming pool cheaply and easily.

Combine with wood fired, pellets or heat pump

Solar panels are not able to heat a house in the winter, but they are an excellent addition to other heat sources. In the winter, when it is coldest, you use pellets/wood/heat pump for heating. For the rest of the year (April, May, June, July, August and September), the solar panels take over the heating and hot water. In this way, each type of energy is used when it is most efficient. Solar panels are also excellent with a heat pump. The heating costs less and the pump lasts longer. If you have geothermal heating, the solar panels can also heat the borehole.


kombinera ved pellets solfångare värmepump

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Solfångare på bil

K2 Plus – you will search long and hard to find more durable solar panels!
Here we have parked a Volvo V70 Diesel 4WD with a curb weight of 1780 kg on top of a K2 Plus solar panel. The solar panel came straight off the production line without any modification. The tempered glass bows without breaking under the weight.

Solfångare Solvärme

Heat from the sun is smart:

  • The energy source is infinite

  • No environmental impact

  • Costs nothing when the installation has been paid for

  • Halves the firing season for wood/pellet firers

  • Extends the life of heat pumps and pellet burners

  • Can recharge heat pumps’ boreholes

  • Requires no work, minimum maintenance

  • Tried and tested technology that lasts for a long time

  • Can be installed on all roof types

  • Can easily be connected to an existing accumulator

Quick facts about solar panels and installation options:


Solar panels can produce hot water and provide heating for your house. Well-dimensioned solar panels can normally meet all your hot water needs from April to September. For the rest of the year, they provide additional energy for the house’s primary heating system. Up to 75% of all hot water consumption over a year can be produced by solar panels.


It is important for solar panels to be dimensioned according to energy needs. The energy needed in the summer is always the factor that determines the size of the system. It is usually enough to have one K2 panel per person, but it can vary between different households. For many years Värmebaronen has trained installers that can help you determine the correct dimensions.

Infällda solfångare



The tiles are removed and replaced with solar panels. Plates are installed around the panels to create a seal with the roof. Recessed installation produces an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Utanpåliggande solfångare

On surface


A simple method of installation in which the solar panels are installed on top of the existing roof material, for example tiles, tin roof or felt.

Stativ solfångare

Roof/Wall stand


A stand that can be infinitely extended for flat roofs or wall installation.

Fristående solfångare



Freestanding installation is used if the position of the house’s roof is unsuitable. The solar panels are then installed on stands.


It is best to have a well-insulated stratification tank with a volume of 50-200 litres of water per square metre of solar panel. Water is also heated in the tank. The accumulator tank must be fitted with a solar coil or a heat exchanger such as Solomax VX.


You make your choice on the basis of the available roof surface and the appearance that suits the house best. The number of solar panels varies with the household’s individual need for hot water and heat. Solar panels are best located next to the ridge of the roof. Värmebaronen has off-the-shelf packages for all roof types with everything you need, saving time and money.


Drive pack Solar coil


The drive pack starts when there is heat available in the solar panels. It transfers the heat from the solar panels to the accumulator tank, from where the heat can then be forwarded to the house’s heating system as required. Hot water is also heated in the tank. The drive pack is the natural choice for accumulator tanks with an integrated solar coil. The drive pack has integrated solar panel control.


Solomax VX Drive pack


Solomax works like Drive pack Solar Coil with the difference that it is suitable for accumulators that do not have an integrated solar coil. This means that you can connect it to any accumulator, new or existing. Solomax VX needs to have Värmebaronen’s solar control.

solstyrning drivpaket

Solar control


The solar control starts the circulation pumps when the temperature difference exceeds the set temperature. An indicator lamp lights when the pumps are operating. The pumps stop when the temperature difference is lower than the set temperature and the indicator lamp is extinguished. Choose between different operating alternatives using the program selector.