Electric boilers

Elomin III

Elomin III is a modern, compact electric boiler. It is cheap to buy, which together with low installation costs makes it a good choice of electric boiler. We have produced and sold more than tens of thousands of copies, which is a guarantee for a safe purchase.

Elomin III is available in two versions. Partly as CU 200, complete electric boiler with 200-liter water heater, partly in UB design, without a water heater, which fits all modular water heaters with 600 × 600 mm dimensions.

Elomin III is delivered complete with climate-controlled automatic heating, load monitor, expansion vessel, circulation pump, and much more. If you choose another brand, an automatic fuse is required between the cartridge and the boiler, which gives a more expensive installation.

Skiss Elomin

Technical specification