Electric boilers

Mini-boiler MP4 / MP6 G2

Perfect for apartments, holiday homes, conservatories, extensions, sheds, garages, etc.

Our popular mini boilers are perfect for underfloor heating and low-temperature systems in extensions and conservatories up to 150 m². Others also use our mini-boilers to heat the Attefallshuset, the holiday home, or a detached garage in a simple way.

They are compact with small outer dimensions which makes them easy to place. The power of the boilers (4.5 or 6 kW) roughly corresponds to the heat demand up to 80-150 m² of living space, depending on insulation and ventilation.

MP4 & MP6 are delivered completely complete. Only water and electricity need to be connected, then they are ready for use. An outdoor temperature compensator ensures that the temperature outdoors regulates the boilers. The room unit is available as an accessory.

Skiss minipanna

Technical specification