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Electric boilers and additional heating for detached houses, cottages, garages etc.

Electric heating makes many people think of the electric boilers that were so popular not that long ago. Electricity was much cheaper then than it is now.
Today, waterborne electric heating is often used as additional heating when a heat pump is not enough, or as heating in garages and extensions. In such cases it is often used as waterborne underfloor heating.

Wide range

Värmebaronen has a wide range of electric heating products. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it with us.

Advantages of electric heating

Simple installation, low installation cost, easy to manage, perfect for underfloor heating, good for extensions and a neat solution when the heat pump is not enough.

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Electric boilers and additional heating for industrial premises, residential buildings etc.

Värmebaronen has a wide range of electric heating products

Immersion heaters
Economical and reliable. Suitable for most heating systems. Also for customised solutions for industry, for example.

Electric cartridges
Output 13-15 kW. Easy to connect to the heating system.

Electric boilers, EP E 26-42kW
Output 26-42 kW. An outdoor temperature compensator, UTK-E, is available as an accessory.

Electric boilers, EP 31-750kW
For a block of flats, business premises or hotel or simply as a supplement/additional heating for a heat pump system.

Interconnectable to 10 MW or more
Several EP electric boilers can be connected together for outputs of 10 MW or more.

Customised electric boilers
We also build boilers in different materials for different temperatures and voltage options (230 V-690 V).