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Electric boilers backup heat
Electric boilers for industry and buildings

New series, EP900-1500. Electric boilers for industry and buildings. 

Electric boilers, wide range for industry and buildings. Everything from a 1.5 kW immersion heater up to the largest electric boiler, with an output of 1500 kW. Interconnectable for higher effects.

Electric boilers are often used as additional heating for one or more heat pumps, for example. The cost of installing an electric boiler is low and the work is fast and easy. Zero local emissions, no air och exhaust venting, easy and clean installation saves money on installation costs. Electric resistance heating results in 100% efficiency and helps to meet the strict efficiency regulations of many authorities. When it is cold outside and the heat pump cannot maintain the heat, top-up heating from the electric boiler is invaluable.

Backup heating for heat pumps, using electric boilers.

Heat pumps are energy-efficient alternatives to other heat sources. They work by using electricity to extract heat from the ground or the air outside. Air source heat pumps works great down to a specific outdoor temperature, but when it gets severely cold outside the heat pumps begin to lose their efficiency and effectiveness. At this point, the heat pump has difficulty extracting enough energy from outside to keep up with the desired temperature.

That’s when a backup heat source is used for heating until the temperature outside increases to a usable level. The choice of energy source, heat pump or electric boiler, is handled automatically by the system and don´t need any attention.

Auxiliary Heat

Auixiliary heat will turn on automatically when the heat pump can no longer efficiently transfer heat from the outside ground or air to the building. It’s used when there’s something wrong with the heat pumps. This can be a technical issue or simply that the heat pump has to low efficiency.

The use of Värmebaronen’s electric boilers as a backup to other energy sources provides not only a convenient operation, but also a safe insurance against consequential system damage as a result of missing heat energy.

Immersion heaters
Economical and reliable. Suitable for most heating systems. Also for customised solutions for industry, for example.

Electric cartridges
Output 13-15 kW. Easy to connect to the heating system.

Electric boilers, EP 26 E & EP 42 E
Output 26-42 kW. An outdoor temperature compensator, UTK-E, is available as an accessory.

Electric boilers, EP 31-1500 kW
For a block of flats, business premises or hotel or simply as a supplement/additional heating for a heat pump system. Also used in industrial processes and can be customised to most needs.

Several EP electric boilers can be connected together for outputs of 10 MW or more.

We also build boilers in different materials for different temperatures and voltage options (230-690 V). Temperatures up to 150°C.

The EP series, commercial electric boilers for waterborne heating systems and industrial processes

Outputs from 31 to 1500 kW or more. Interconnectable.

The boilers’ output is divided into 7, 15 or 30 stages, which are connected gradually in the event of temperature shortfall.
The flow temperature can at standard be set between 20-95°C, high temperature boilers are also available up to 150°C. The boilers are supplied with thermostats to maintain constant flow temperature. Outdoor temperature compensation for variable flow temperature is available as an accessory. Smart temperature control adjusts the power supplied to increase the service life of the boiler’s contactors.

For safety’s sake, the EP series copes with flows down to zero,, i.e. the boilers do not need to be fitted with flow guards or twin pumps. The output of the boilers can be restricted to one power stage. A load guard is integrated to protect the main fuse. The boilers have a connection for external blocking and for control via a current/voltage signal and external display of the power connected and temperature. Alarms are indicated on the front panel. The boilers also have a connection for an external buzzer alarm.

When used with, for example, a plate heat exchanger, the boilers can be controlled directly via the temperature in the secondary circuit.

If more power is required, several boilers can be controlled in series to the desired effect. Serial control is an accessory.

Approved for installation without a steam-collecting vessel

Thanks to factory-fitted safety equipment, Värmebaronen is able to offer electric boilers approved for installation without a steam-collecting vessel
All EP series electric boilers tolerate zero flow and can be installed without a steam-collecting vessel, level sensor, twin pumps and flow guard. The boilers are available with factory-fitted safety equipment and meet EN 12828 and the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulation AFS 2002:1, 2016:1 on periodic monitoring of boiler systems, inspected by a third party.

The safety equipment, combined with the uniquely simple installation, means that the costs of labour and planning are reduced dramatically. Where the safety equipment is factory-fitted, it does not require any special inspection either.
It meets the requirements when it leaves the factory.

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Electric Boilers | EP advantages:


The boilers can be supplied with factory-fitted safety equipment for installation without emergency protection, a steam-collecting vessel, level sensor, etc. Accessory.


The all-pole main switch cuts all incoming power if a fault is detected by the boiler’s controller. This is important to maintain high safety.


All pipe connections are threaded or flanged. This results in cheaper valves and fewer pipe welds. The boiler can be disconnected more easily. Wider diameter connections result in smaller circulation pumps.


The built-in float switch immediately produces an alarm if the boiler is not completely full of water. This eliminates the risk of the boiler boiling dry, which can cause damage to the boiler and other consequential faults.


Simple monitoring of the boiler. You can easily find all the information you need on the boilers’ panels, plus all the adjustment options.


An earth fault meter monitors the immersion heaters so that there is an early indication of any fault. This avoids expensive emergency replacements and any consequential faults.


A divisible cable flange, the ability to open the panel and hatch and the large distance to the power connection help simplify installation.


A controller with many functions, including the option to obtain information from the boiler such as temperature, pressure, alarms, etc.


Standard temperature 95°C, possibel max temperature 150°C.
Electrical high-temperature boilers are often used e.g. for speeding up curing times in gluing processes, or with spray booths, district heating etc.
The electrical boilers can be supplied with fully installed certified safety equipment.


Higher voltages mean lower installation costs for cabling, circuit breakers, relays, fusing etc.
Used in paper mills, for example, where 500V is often used – or 440V for marine applications.
One current example is the electric ferries that operate between Helsingborg and Helsingör, where 660V is used.

The EP series consists of 34 different models and effects

Electric boilers for industry and buildings


for heating systems and industrial processes. The electric boiler series consists of twenty four different boilers with outputs from 31 to 750 kW.

Select the correct quantity of power stages

The boiler’s power is divided into 7, 15 or 30 stages. The temperature control adapts the power supplied to heating requirements. When the boiler is used with a heat pump, it is an advantage to have many stages as the boiler can initially supply low power to act as a support heat source. In a process, it may be more suitable to have fewer stages so that the boiler immediately supplies high power. The boilers’ control range is 20-95 °C and the output of the boilers can be limited down to one power stage.

With or without outdoor temperature compensation

The boilers are supplied with control to maintain a constant boiler temperature. An outdoor temperature compensator is available as an option for variable flow temperature.

Aluminium and copper

To facilitate installation, the boilers are fitted with terminals that make it possible to connect both aluminium and copper cables. No splicing from aluminium is required.


The boilers are fitted with float switches and earth fault measurement, which provides an early indication of any faults in the immersion heaters, so that faults can rapidly be dealt with, without unplanned stoppages.

In series or in parallel

The boilers can be connected together in series up to 1.5 MW or in parallel up to 10 MW. A smart series controller is available as an accessory. This ensures that the boilers’ operating time is evenly distributed between all boilers.

Stainless immersion heaters

The immersion heaters are made of stainless steel with brass heads as standard. Also available in other materials and qualities.

External control (i.e. heat pump)

The boilers have a connection for external blocking, power control, with a voltage or current signal and a 0-10 V output signal for connected power and temperature. The EP VP adaptation unit is available for heat pumps with binary control of additional heating, standard in EP31-EP119.

Pump maintenance operation

In pump maintenance operation mode, the heating is switched off, but the circulation pump (1 phase) is operated for a few minutes every day.