Ackumulatortank Aqualux

Aqualux Teknik 750 and Aqualux Teknik 500


The best heat storage solution for all heat sources

Värmebaronen’s accumulator tanks have unique flow restrictors and stratification plates, enabling them to handle several heat sources at the same time, without them disturbing the stratification in the accumulator tank, and thus cancelling each other out. These functions mean that you save even more money on your heating installation. Aqualux Teknik has a built-in solar coil for thermal transfer from solar panels. A generous copper-lined hot water heater ensures that there is always enough hot water. Thanks to the hot water heater, the accumulator tank is also not sensitive to lime.

Aqualux Teknik accumulator tank is available in two sizes, 500 and 750 litres.

Aqualux UB

One or several Aqualux UB* can be advantageously used as a supplement to an Aqualux Teknik or a single heat source such as a wood boiler or a heat pump. Aqualux UB is available in volumes of 500 and 750 litres.

UB = Without heater

skiktning ackumulatortank

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Aqualux Teknik has up to 25 times the stratification-retaining properties of a standard accumulator tank!
This allows a heat pump’s COP to be increased from 2.48 to 3.78, which means a 65% increase at a mean outdoor temperature of 2°C. Solar panel output can increase by 60-70% during the winter half of the year. The illustration shows Aqualux Teknik accumulator tank together with heat pump and solar panels.