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Wood and solar panels, new installation


Halve your firing season

K2 solar panels are a must if you are planning to invest in a completely new wood-fired system. The benefits of a wood and solar energy combination are so great that it’s the obvious choice. You’ll avoid a lot of the work associated with wood-firing and you’ll no longer have to plan when to fire up the boiler for hot water in the summer season. After a hectic season of boiler firing, having a break from April to September is wonderful. Let the sun do the work!

Suitable combinations

Choose a boiler with a suitable output: Vedolux 40/50, Vedolux 30/37 or Vedolux 350/450. The Aqualux Teknik with its integrated solar energy coil and hot water heater is a very good choice. Increase the number of accumulators according to your house’s heating requirements.
A good choice for a wood-fired system is Drive package 1 and, of course, K2 solar panels.