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Wood and solar panels, existing installation


Halve your firing season

Do you want to save yourself a lot of time and work? Then supplement your wood system with K2 solar panels. You’ll save yourself a lot of time chopping wood and will no longer have to plan when to fire up the boiler for hot water in the summer season. After a hectic season of boiler firing, having a break from April to September is wonderful. Let the sun do the work!

Suitable combinations

Your system must have accumulators, as you will need them to connect the solar panels. If you do not already have accumulators then they are an excellent purchase due to their convenience and out of environmental considerations. It is easy to connect the solar panels if you have an accumulator with an integrated solar coil. Just use Drive Package 1 for the solar panels. The Solomax VX converter package and Solar Control 1 are the best option if you do not have an integrated solar coil. Remember that the hot water heater must be located in the accumulator tank; if it is located in the wood-fired boiler then one of the accumulator tanks must be replaced by an Aqualux Teknik with a solar coil.