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Vedolux CU

Natural ventilation boiler with hot water heater

The Vedolux CU is a natural ventilation boiler with a ceramic firebox and reverse combustion. The hot water heater is integrated in the boiler. 50 cm wood.

CU = integrated copper-lined heater

The Vedolux CU is a good choice if you already have accumulator tanks that do not have integrated hot water heaters. The Vedolux CU has a large, copper-lined heater that provides copious amounts of hot water.
The Vedolux CU is designed to operate at full power; generating more heat than the average house requires. For this reason one or more accumulator tanks are required during firing. Accumulators provide environmentally-approved combustion and require less frequent firing.

Requires virtually no attention

Värmebaronen’s wood-fired boilers are the easiest to maintain wood boilers imaginable. Soot and ash removal, boiler firing and ignition take just 5 minutes.














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