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Vedolux 55

Wood fired boiler with suction fan and reverse combustion for large houses

Vedolux 55 is a wood fired boiler with built in suction fan. The boiler has environmentally-approved combustion and is designed to operate with one or more accumulator tanks.
Vedolux 55 firebox is intended for half metre wood and has a 53-57kW output. Boiler can also be heated with wood pellet. Firebox has a 575mm depth.


Vedolux 55 is designed for reverse combustion. A built in suction fan makes the flames go down thru the ceramic grate. All flue gases are combusted in the ceramics. Hot flue gases continue thru the flue pipes were heat is absorbed and then out thru the chimney. The suction fan minimizes the chimney requirements of the boiler.

Easily maintained

Using the soot brush, the boiler can be swept from a single hatch at the front. Soft rounded tubes without awkward corners make the boiler easy to sweep.

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