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Vedolux 37

Easily maintained wood-fired boiler for 50 cm wood

Vedolux 37 and Vedolux 30 are the obvious choices to supplement our reliable natural ventilation boilers.

Very low chimney requirements

Vedolux 30/37 have suction fans. This means there are lower requirements for the chimney. They are ideal if you have a low chimney. The fan stops automatically once the fire has burnt out.

Solid and easy to clean

Like all of Värmebaronen’s wood-fired boilers, Vedolux 37 is designed to make wood burning as easy and uncomplicated as possible. Vedolux 37 is very easy to keep clean and keep free from soot.

Easy to fit pellet burner

Sometimes it is convenient to let a pellet burner take care of the heating. The Viking Bio pellet burner can easily be fitted to the Vedolux 37.

K2 solar panels

If you want the cheapest possible heating whilst also maintaining outstanding comfort, take a closer look at K2 solar panels. These provide free heating and hot water from April to September and avoid you having to ignite the boiler.














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