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Thermoflow NG electric boiler

Substantial boiler without heater

A flexible, wall-mounted boiler for most heating purposes. The ThermoFlow NG can be used for all kinds of heating. Small and easy to place. 11 kW. This boiler is often used as a heat source for waterborne underfloor heating. A popular product for export to Europe and Asia, where it is used primarily for heating apartments. Each apartment has its own small boiler instead of a central heating solution.

Energy saving functions

Just like the Elomin III domestic boiler, this boiler is climate controlled; the outdoor temperature determines how much heat the boiler releases to the house. Seven-step load protection, summer operation function and frost protection are included.

Complete delivery

All you need to do is connect water and power and your boiler is ready for use.



Perfect for waterborne underfloor heating.


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