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Solomax VX

For accumulators without solar energy coils

Solomax VX is the natural choice for accumulators without integrated solar energy coils. If you have accumulators with solar energy coils you should choose Drive package 1 instead.

Suitable for all accumulator tanks

The Solomax VX allows you to connect solar panels to your existing heating system. In principle, the Solomax VX can be connected to absolutely any accumulator tank/boiler that has sufficient water volume. A small boiler often needs to be supplemented with an accumulator tank. You will also need a solar panel control* before the system is complete. The Solomax VX starts when heat is available in the solar panels. The heat exchanger then transfers heat to the house’s heating system.

A complete delivery – a great deal for your money

Two circulation pumps (one for the solar panel section and one for the heat storage section), expansion tank (24 litres), check valve (prevents self-circulation), four shutoff valves with thermometers, an adjustment valve with flow meter (for best utilisation of the solar panels), air vents, safety valve (6 bar) and fill/drainage valves.

*Värmebaronen Solar Control or Värmebaronen ELOMAX 250/ELOMAX 450, which are delivered complete with controls for both solar panels and heat pump