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Solar Panel K2 Plus

Quality with a long service life

The K2 Plus is a flat plate solar panel. Its performance makes it one of the most efficient on the market. This model features a robust structure that makes it durable, and all the materials in these solar collectors have been specially selected to provide the longest possible service life.
K2 has been tested by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden with good results, which means that government grants are available for these solar collectors. They are also manufactured entirely in Sweden, which gives us control over the entire manufacturing process and guarantees top quality.

High power at a low price

With a K2 Plus solar panel, you get roughly the same power as with a vacuum solar panel, in terms of the panel size. The difference is that K2 solar panels cost only around half as much.

Solar collectors for all roofs

Värmebaronen offers complete solutions for all types of roof with everything you need for your solar panel installation. This makes it easy to order. Everything is supplied all at once.

K2 solar panels, holiday centre. Double-sided external installation.

K2 solar panels, hotel. Vertical installation on sheet metal.


With K2 solar panels, you allow both yourself
and your heating system to rest for six months. The solar panels produce free heating and hot water.
K2 solar panels are made in Sweden.


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