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Wood heating

Värmebaronen has Sweden´s largest range of wood-fired boilers. Our latest products, the Vedolux Lambda series har outstanding efficiency and emmision values. Our range of products also offers models to suit all requirements. Common to them all is the easy maintenance, which results in high efficiency, saving both time and effort.. READ MORE…

Pellet heating

Our Pellmax series consists of three different pellet boilers for different areas of application. All three have in common that they are incredibly easy to operate and also retain their efficiency if they are not swept frequently. If you add Sweden’s best-selling pellet burner, Viking Bio, you have the most economical, easy-to-use system you can imagine. And at a good price.

K2 Solar panels

Do you have a wood or pellet boiler? Or perhaps a heat pump? Then you should take a look at our K2 solar panels. Whatever your heating system, K2 will always be a good choice that saves both time and money. It also extends the service life of your boiler/burner/heat pump. READ MORE…

Electric Heating

We have the broadest range of electric heating products in Sweden:

  • Elomax, electric boilers that can be complemented with solar panels and/or heat pump.
  • Elomin III, traditional electric boiler with or without domestic hot water heater. Intelligent control saves money.
  • Additional heating, immersion heaters and electric cartridges.
  • Small wall hung boilers for extensions, garages, under floor heating etc.


Combine heat sources

Lately it has become more common to combine different heat sources, due to that it is economically and gives a higher level of comfort. READ MORE…



EK 13 och EK 15.
An excellent supplement when the heat pump is not enough when it is cold outside.

Elpatron 9003 F mounted in K-060.