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Pellets, heat pump and solar panels


It couldn’t be better!

Use K2 solar panels in the summer, a heat pump when the temperature is around 0°C and the Pellmax UB pellet boiler when the weather turns even colder. Whilst admittedly this type of system is a little expensive, there is no cheaper way of heating your house. In addition you are also covered when the really cold winter weather sets in; there is no risk of freezing if your house is pellet heated!

Choose Elomax 450 as your indoor unit

Choose Elomax 450 as the indoor unit for your heat pump. It has sufficient water volume to handle up to 4 solar panels. It also has an integrated digital control, which can control the heat pump, pellet boiler and solar panels smoothly and economically.
If you want the ultimate solution, the Aqualux 750 Teknik is your best choice. It features unique functions that maintain stratification in the water tank, even when multiple heat sources are connected at the same time.

Extending the service life

The K2 solar panels produce free hot water from April to September and also increase the service life of your heat pump and pellet burner.