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Pellets and Solar panels


The perfect combination

Energy consultants agree that the pellets/solar panels combination is a great solution for heating small houses. Unlike heat pumps, pellet fuel is most efficient when it is cold outside. Its efficiency is reduced in the summer and so the solar panels take over. This extends the service life of the pellet burner and means that you don’t have to operate and maintain the burner from April to September. What more could you ask for?

Suitable combinations

Thinking of updating your heating system? The Pellmax UB and Aqualux 750 Teknik make an unbeatable combination. Drive Package 1 makes connecting K2 solar panels very simple. Aqualux 750 Teknik has unique properties that prevent the pellet and solar heating from coming into conflict, thus maintaining the vital tank stratification.
If you already have an existing pellet system, you will need an accumulator tank to be able to connect solar panels. Aqualux 750 Teknik is the best choice for this too. Elomax 450 is another good choice when only a limited number of solar panels are to be connected.