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Pellets and Heat pump


Combine a heat pump with pellets

Many heat pump owners were left shivering during the 2009/2010 winter and the subsequent electricity bill also came as a nasty surprise. The compact Pellmax UB pellet cassette is the perfect partner for your heat pump in cold conditions when the pump is less efficient and running on electric heating.

Pellets are best when it’s cold

Your heat pump will eventually need expensive extra electric heating when it’s cold outside. By combining the pump with Pellmax UB, you can keep heating costs down even when it’s really cold; pellets provide cheap and reliable heating regardless of how cold the temperature is outside. You will also increase the service life of your heat pump.

Easy to connect to your heat pump

Pellmax UB can be easily attached to the heat pump’s inner unit. Most pumps have a double jacketed inner unit with sufficient water volume to connect a Pellmax UB. Elomax 250 is an inner unit that has sufficient water and is suitable for most heat pumps.