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Pellet Heating

Pellet heating

Värmebaronen has sold tens of thousands of pellet boilers in Sweden over the years. Our broad range of products offers models to suit all requirements. One thing they all have in common is the enormous combustion chamber that is inspired by our efficient, low maintenance wood-fired boilers. This means that our boilers are highly efficient and require minimal maintenance.

Pellet heating saves you money

There has been fierce debate in recent years about the cheapest way of heating your home. Generally speaking, whilst the operating costs of pellets are comparable with those of a heat pump, the installation cost of pellet heating is significantly lower. The disadvantage of pellets in the past was that they were quite high maintenance, however this issue has been significantly reduced with the Pellmax series. It requires no maintenance in the summer months, whilst in winter all you need to do is check the boiler once a month. It takes about five minutes to sweep the boiler and empty the large ash box. Time well invested – the pellets really do save you a lot of money.

Three different pellet boilers

Our Pellmax series consists of three different pellet boilers for different areas of application. All three have in common that they are incredibly easy to operate and also retain their efficiency if they are not swept frequently. If you add Sweden’s best-selling pellet burner, Viking Bio, you have the most economical, easy-to-use system you can imagine. And at a good price.

Nothing can go wrong

The boilers are designed to be fired for long periods and maintain a high level of efficiency. This is why Pellmax has no automatic cleaning system with moving parts that can cause trouble – it’s just not necessary.


The Pellmax series