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Värmebaronen OEM manufactures products customised to meet the needs of our customers. This may be a series of electric boilers included in complete system deliveries or a single boiler for a specific industrial process.
Whichever way, we can contribute with our knowledge and experience. We have unique expertise in waterborne electric heating.

We regularly supply special solutions to industries including:

  • The automotive industry
  • The food industry
  • The military
  • The glass industry
  • Forestry and wood pulp
  • The armaments industry
  • Nature and fish farms


Värmebaronen supplies its products all over the world. The international demand for our products has increased enormously, and our export department is growing in line with it. From previously supplying chiefly electric boilers, we are now also exporting wood and pellet-fired boilers, as well as pellet burners.
All sales in Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA occur via our export department, agents and distributors.


Värmebaronen EP electric boilers  in the worlds largest telescope, VLT, in Chile.

Wave pool, Skara Sommarland
The water in the wave pool is heated by 2 x EP 255 NG units and a titanium heat exchanger that can tolerate the chlorinated water.
Photo: Skara Sommarland

Celsius Visby class corvettes are equipped with stainless steel, modified EP 42 L unit that has to withstand a force of 6G.