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MP4 Mini boiler

A small boiler with a wide range of applications

Underfloor heating/elements in garages, holiday cottages, extensions etc. 4.5 kW.
Many people have discovered the advantages of mini boilers. A lot of people use mini boilers for underfloor heating in extensions or conservatories, whilst others have found them an easy way of heating their holiday cottages or freestanding garages.  The MP4 is also used in workshops, holiday villages and on campsites.

Separate systems are an advantage

Having separate systems for heating and hot water alongside underfloor heating is a major benefit. This means that the hot water temperature is not dependent on the temperature of the underfloor heating system (normally 25-40 degrees).

No conflict with existing systems

When planning an extension, the first thing people consider is connecting the heating to the existing heating system in the house. In many cases it is both simpler and cheaper to install a mini boiler.

A complete delivery

All you need to do is connect water and power and your boiler is ready for use.


Discreet wall-mounted boiler.


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