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Heat pump and Solar panels


K2 solar panels have many advantages

If your heat pump is underdimensioned, K2 solar panels can give you the additional heating needed to help your system cope when it is really cold outside. If you have a ground source heat pump, the solar panels can help to recharge the borehole with heat. There are various theories about this but the main thing is that it works, and it does so for many systems.

Choose elomax 250 for your heat pump

Choose Elomax 250 as the indoor section for your heat pump. It has integrated digital control that controls the heat pump and solar panels both easily and economically. It also has sufficient water volume to run a small number of solar panels if you wish to connect these in the future.

Extending the service life

In addition to the K2 solar panels producing free hot water from April to September, they also allow the heat pump some downtime over that period, This considerably extends the pump’s service life.