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Elomin III UB | Without water heater

Modern, inexpensive electric boiler

The Elomin III is a modern, compact electric boiler. It’s hassle-free, easy to maintain and provides high levels of heating comfort. It is cheap to buy and has achieved great results in the insurance industry’s reliability surveys for domestic boilers and heat pumps. The Elomin boiler has been developed over many years and tens of thousands of them have been sold. A safe purchase guaranteed.

Climate-controlled heating means the best economy and outstanding comfort

The boiler always operates as efficiently as possible and generates exactly the right amount of heat for the house. 13.1 kW electric output (factory setting 9 kW). The 7-stage load guard allows you to use a lower-rated main fuse = lower electricity rates. The adjustable max. and min. temperatures means that rooms or basements can be heated even if the rest of the house does not need to be warmed. A unique function that Elomin alone has offered for quite some time.

Cheap heating on a budget

An Elomin III electric boiler is ideal for small houses, e.g. around 100 square metres. Supplement it with an air-air heat pump to obtain cheap heating on a budget.
The alternative of an air-water pump or ground source heating is expensive and it will take many years before your investment will pay for itself. By then, the pump may even be so old that it has to be replaced.

CU = With a copper-lined hot water heater

There are two versions of the Elomin III. One is the CU 200, a complete electric boiler with a 200 litre hot water heater, and the other is the UB version, which fits all modular heaters on the market.



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