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Elomax 250 | Tank in tank

Elomax 250 Electric boiler

Freestanding or in partnership with a heat pump

Elomax 250 is an electric boiler designed for the future. It completely replaces a standard electric boiler and can be connected to a heat pump, solar panels and other heat sources. You obtain an intelligent unit that makes your heating highly efficient and saves you a lot of money. Elomax ensures that you save electricity and money and is the ideal partner for a heat pump.

Its unique controls ensure that the supplementary electricity supply is used as little as possible. Over time Elomax learns the pattern of heat consumption in your house, which then allows the heat pump to work as efficiently as possible. The electric power is  only started in an emergency. The heat pump also carefully manages long operating times, which extends its service life and reduces operational costs.

Its intelligent control allows you to connect any heat source you like. Elomax allows you to connect solar panels whenever you like or heat using biofuels such as wood or pellets when the weather is really cold. Elomax can also be used as a freestanding electric boiler.




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