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Controller | Package Solar Coil

Drive package with integrated solar panel control | Drivpaket 1

Drive package 1 is the obvious choice for the Aqualux  Teknik Series, which has an integrated solar energy coil. If you have accumulators without solar energy coils you should choose our Solomax VX heat exchange package instead. Drive package 1 starts when heat is available from the solar panels. It transfers the heat from the solar panels to the accumulator tank, from which the heat can then be transferred to the heating system in the house when needed. The hot tap system can also be heated from the accumulator tank. Drive package 1 features integrated solar panel control.

FOr Elomax electric boiler | Drivpaket 11 TEXT SAKNAS

Drive package 11 without built in control is used to Elomax 250 and Elomax 450. These boilers has already built in control. 

For properties | Drive pack 2

When a large number of solar panels are used, for example for a block of flats or a hotel, Drive pack 2 is used.


Outline diagram. The solar panels give off heat, which is stored in the Teknik tank. Drive package 1 controls and pumps the heating media around the system. The system also includes an expansion tank.