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Combine different heat sources!

The winters of 2009/2010  and 2010/2011 was expensive for many people, as electricity prices shot up to record levels. Many heat pumps were unable to cope with the extreme cold; some of them broke down whilst other people ended up using additional electric heating.

Supplementing existing heat pumps

To avoid having the same problem next time the weather turns cold, you can easily combine these with other heat sources. This will make your heating as cheap as humanly possible. K2 solar panels assist the heat pump in winter and produce free heating and hot water in summer. When the weather is really cold and the heat pump is not very efficient, you can burn cheap pellets. in between times just let the heat pump do its job.

Supplementing existing wood-fired systems

Do you already have a wood-fired system or a heat pump and want to supplement them? The menu on the left offers a number of options. If you can’t find one that suits your needs, give us a call.

Wood-fired heating, solar heating, pellets
and heat pumps. We can help you to find the right heat source for you.
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