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Biomax Pellets & Wood

Tried and tested dual boiler technology

Biomax is based on tried and tested dual boiler technology but is ideal for modern biofuels and meets our customers’ demand for convenience.

Complete freedom to choose your fuel

The Biomax works just as well using pellets as it does with wood. Choose whichever solution is the most convenient and economical solution for you. The separate fireboxes make switching energy sources quick and easy.
The Biomax also has 9 kW electric heating, which is sufficient for most houses. The pellet burner can remain installed even when you are using wood.

Ceramic grates and rapid release handles

All hatches have rapid release handles and a removable ash box that makes it simple to clear ash from the boiler.

K2 solar panels

If you want the cheapest possible heating whilst also maintaining outstanding comfort, take a closer look at K2 solar panels. These provide free heating and hot water from April to September and avoid you having to ignite the boiler.









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