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Acktank CU & UB

Despite their reasonable price, these tanks are built with the same high quality as all of Värmebaronen’s products in our own factory in Sweden. Compared with other ‘budget’ accumulator tanks, the Acktank CU/UB are very high quality. Above all, the insulation has been carefully installed. This is important for high cost efficiency and to minimise the work with wood. Acktank 500 CU and Acktank 500 UB are suitable for simple systems, preferably with a wood boiler.
If you want high-quality accumulator tanks for a wood boiler, for example, you can’t go wrong with Acktank 500 CU/UB.
Acktank 500 UB can also be used as an equalisation tank for a heat pump. This is a simple, good solution to achieving longer operating times and fewer starts and stops during the summer half of the year. In this way, the pump has higher efficiency and you save money.
CU = Copper-lined hot water heater. UB = Without heater.

Low ceiling? No problem!

Aqualux Teknik tanks are some of the very lowest tanks on the market and are only 76 cm wide.



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